Have you been wanting to explore mindfulness but don’t know where to start? Wish you could take an in-depth mindfulness training course, but don’t have the time right now? Have an established or paused practice you want to deepen or restart? Constantly feeling stressed and just want some help getting your focus and joy back?

Mindfulness coaching can help!

Coaching is:

  • A co-created dialogue and partnership
  • An opportunity to work with a mirror and a guide who has unconditional positive regard…

As yoga has boomed in popularity, classes are available in studios, parks, gyms, and online. So why should we also bring yoga to the office?

1. Our energy builds with regular renewal.

Peak performance requires that we manage our energy — not just our to-do list. Research from The Energy Project shows that we’re at our best when we move between expending and renewing energy along four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Skillful yoga can access each of these in ways that are appropriate for diverse students.

2. Focus is a cultivated skill.

Regardless of the workplace, most of…

You know that blissed-out feeling as you’re coming out of savasana? Or the grounded way you take on the day when you stay committed to your meditation practice? Wouldn’t it be great if we could pack that body-mind happiness up and take it to work with us every day?

If you’re working at companies like Google, General Mills, or Target, you already have access to mindfulness meditation at work. But if not, how can you begin to introduce mindfulness at your workplace?

1. Tap into Beginner’s Mind

As we practice mindfulness and become more comfortable with sitting in stillness and…

A recent backpacking retreat through Olympic National Park has me thinking a lot about the connections between fear and contemplative practice.

To talk business, brainstorm potential wellness partnerships, and celebrate our 40th birthdays, my dear friend of 28 years and I planned this multi-day traverse for over a year. Needless to say, the logistics involved in getting two mid-career mamas of multiple kids, who live 2,500 miles apart into the wilderness for 3 days were intense! Radical prioritizing of our own self-care over and over again was required throughout the planning process when life inevitably crept in and added complications.

It took me years to develop a home yoga practice. I craved more of what I felt after savasana at a studio class, but my Type A mind often stopped me from rolling out my mat at home:

What’s my plan?

How long do I have?

Am I doing this right?

What was that sequence the teacher led us through last week?

I don’t have the right music.

I don’t have enough time.

I don’t know what comes first or next or last.

If I couldn’t do it “perfectly,” it seemed, then it wasn’t worth doing it at all.


In January 2019, I ran my first 50K.

After running for nearly 20 years and specifically training for 6 months using all of my mindfulness tools, I was ready: ready for the adventure of running farther than I’d ever gone before, ready to experience new limits, ready to be present and take in the beauty of the trail, ready to use this race to celebrate the end of my 40th birthday year.

I crossed the finish line, with a smile on my face, deeply, deeply satisfied.

And then, one week later, the real mindful endurance challenge that was 2019 truly…

Robyn Fehrman

Recovering perfectionist and teacher of #yoga #mindfulness and #wellness for Type A Leaders|

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